Shrimant Fatehsinh Maharaj III

                                  Armoury Museum


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Fatehsinh III was highly talented Ruler.  Born on 24th August, 1894. He was adopted from Raje Bhosle family of Kurla, a direct descendent of Shahaji  I  by  The British Govt.  to succeed Shahaji III as he had no male issue. In 1907 he was sent to college Rajkot for studies .In 1911 he joined the Imperial Cadet Corps at Dehradun. He completed his military training in 1914.

      In 1914 he joined British Army and took active part in France in the 1st World war. In 1918 he was promoted to Rank of Captain, He was the first Indian Captain in The British Army. He planned the New Palace of Akkalkot but could not complete it, as he died very young in 1923. It was completed by his widow Tararaje Bhosle. Till then the  family resided in Old  Palace which is like a fort. He was a great collector of weapons and arms. He made the armoury museum, a one man collection which is biggest in Asia. The armoury has the finest collection of ancient weapons treasured in India and The East. The majority of these date from old Maratha times and many of them are now exceedingly scarce and of priceless value.

      The armoury museum is housed on the first floor of the New Palace, in Akkalkot .It is open from 9:00 am to 7:00pm on all week days. There is an entrance ticket of Rs.10/- for adults and Rs.5/- for children.


Address: - Shrimant Fatehsinh Maharaj III Armoury Museum,

New Palace,

Akkalkot 413216




Tel. No. 02181 220223




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