AKKALKOT a Maratha state is situated in Maharashtra state of India. In early 17th century it was a part of Nizamshahi  territory. Later it was part of Mughal Empire, it was later given as grant to Shahu Maharaj, The Maratha King who then transferred it to founder of the Akkalkot dynasty. Shahu Chatrapati was the grandson of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, founder of Maratha Empire who died in 1680 leaving two sons namely Chatrapti Sambhaji and Rajaram Maharaj. The elder son Chatrapti Sambhaji was slain by Aurangzeb and his son Chatrapati Shahu was made a prisoner. After the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, Chatrapati Shahu was liberated and he returned to claim his Maratha Kingdom but was opposed by Tarabai, the widow of Rajaram Maharaj, who was ruling the Maratha Empire in his absence.

      On his march southward Chatrapti Shahu’s army was attacked by Sayaji Lokhande Patil of Parad, adherent of Tarabai, Chatrapti Shahu won this battle. After his death his widowed wife surrendered to Chatrapti Shahu and asked for his forgiveness, along with her three children. Chatrapti Shahu was touched with pity for the fatherless children and decided to take the eldest son children Ranoji in adoption. The mother gladly agreed, Chatrapti Shahu adopted Ranoji Lokhande Patil and changed his name as Fatehsinh and besides conferring on him the hereditary title of “Raja” and his own surname as “Bhosle”  and made him Senapathi  (General In chief ) of his army . He then gave him the paragana of Akkalkot which belonged to him.

     Thus Fatehsinh became the first ruler of Akkalkot State in 1712. He passed away in 1760. After his death the rulers of Akkalkot “Gadi” were as follows


                                  Family Tree

  • Fatehsinh I (1712-1760)
  • Shahaji I (1760-1789):- adopted from Pilivkar  Jahagirdar family
  • Fatehsinh II (1789-1823)
  • Maloji I (1823-1828)
  • Shahaji II (1828-1857)
  • Maloji II (1858-1870)
  • Shahaji III (1870-1896) 
  • Fatehsinh III (1894-1923):-Adopted from Kurala Raje Bhosle family
  • Vijaysinhraje (1936-1952)
  • Jaisinhraje(1952-1965)
  • Sanyuktaraje  and  Sunitaraje both unmarried   

              (1949)                    (1954)

  • Maloji III adopted in 2005 , adopted from Kurla Raje Bhosle family

              Vijaysinhraje died issueless and his younger brother Jaisinhraje succeeded him, Jaisinhraje did not have any  male issue .His two daughters namely Sanyuktaraje and Sunitaraje are the only two legal heirs of Akkalkot State . After the passing of single parent adoption act in India, Sanyuktaraje Bhosle adopted Manaji Raje Bhosle from Kurla family district Satara and named him Maloji III.

           During the period 1923 to 1936 Tararaje Dowger Rani of Akkalkot ruled the state as regent as her son Vijaysinhraje was minor. For her excellent rule she was awarded the Kaiser – E – Hind award.

          The monogram of Akkalkot State was "Satya Meve Jayate".